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Mapping of Accessible Transport for Persons with Reduced Mobility Survey

The University of Leeds has been commissioned by DG MOVE at the European Commission to conduct a study entitled Mapping of Accessible Transport for Persons with Reduced Mobility. The project is aiming to enhance travel information services for disabled people and others with reduced mobility.

They have developed a survey, designed to better-understand travel information requirements amongst persons with reduced mobility, and are very keen to hear from disabled people, persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and those who accompany disabled people and PRM when travelling. This survey will then provide the evidence on which they will base our proposed enhancements to current travel information provision.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and it is available in English, Portuguese and Dutch.

If there are any difficulties with the format, please let them know so that they can make alternative arrangements to complete the survey. Any enquiries can be sent to or phone at +31 79 3222364.

Please click this link to start the survey: