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Improving airport access for people with hidden disabilities

Gatwick airport has welcomed families at an event to help people with “hidden disabilities” become familiar with airport travel.
Each family had with them a member with a disability that is not immediately apparent.
The event, held in the North Terminal, aimed to familiarise people with the sights and sounds of an airport before they travel.
Staff from airlines took the families through the check in process, whilst special assistance services team provided buggy rides.
There were also staff on hand to take families through the security process, as well as border force and police officers.
Around 11% of the UK population has a hidden disability and 7% are thought to avoid air travel because of a disability.
Gatwick says it has been working on a number of projects to make it more accessible for people with hidden disabilities and their carers.
In May 2016 the airport introduced a lanyard scheme to make people from this group identifiable to staff in the case they need help..
Gatwick is the latest amongst airports across the country to introduce help for travellers with a hidden disabilities.
Heathrow, and regional airports such as Bristol and Glasgow, have all brought in schemes to make travelling easier for them.