Event start date: 16.03.2019
Event end date: 16.03.2019


Disabled Access Day 16 March 2019

Disabled Access Day logo

Disabled Access Day stems from an experience of Founder Paul Ralph in the summer of 2014. A powerchair user, Paul knew that Lothian Buses, in his hometown of Edinburgh, were wheelchair accessible. However, he hadn’t tried them out for himself, so he didn’t know if the logistics would work with his own chair. He went to an Open day event at the Lothian bus depot where he was invited to try out the wheelchair access on a double decker bus. From that point on, Paul became a bus lover because he knew he could access any bus in Edinburgh.

This experience became an idea that there should be more opportunities like this out there for disabled people who see things they would like to try but aren’t quite sure how they’d get on. A series of focussed ‘try something new’ events and opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be so easy to arrange.