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What is life really like for disabled people?

The Guardian asked seven people to keep diaries for a month to document the reality of being disabled in Britain today. Frances Ryan reflects on the issues that arose – public transport, employment, housing, attitudes – and meets four of the diarists.

One of the defining issues that runs through the Disability Diaries is access.
Nina Grant writes about shops she can’t get into because of large steps or raised doorframes, as well as battles with transport and even fellow passengers. When a mother with a buggy moved off the bus to leave room for Grant’s wheelchair (saying she was “the next stop anyway”), she found herself “facing an accusing set of faces who had just seen what looked like a young person with their own motorised vehicle force a mother and her child off the bus”. She adds: “It’s hard to describe the feeling of being scrutinised by multiple strangers at once.”

Sets of steps with no nosing